Check The Oil, Rotate the Tires, and Update Your Estate Plan, Says Marietta GA Wills Lawyer

Marietta, Cobb County (Atlanta) family estate planning lawyer Steve Worrall discusses how your estate plan is like a car and needs regular updates and maintenance. He also lists some key life events that might trigger the need for that review, like these:

•    You marry, divorce or separate
•    You or your spouse’s health declines
•    Your spouse dies
•    Your value of assets changes dramatically
•    You have a change in business interests
•    You buy real estate in another state
•    You have a Birth or adoption
•    A Parent or relative becomes dependent on you
•    A minor child becomes adult
•    Federal or state tax laws change
•    You plan to move to a different state
•    Your successor trustee, guardian or administrator moves, becomes ill or changes mind
•    You change your mind about any of the above for whatever reason

Make sure your lawyer includes the costs for quick questions about your plan in the fee and that your lawyer offers a no-cost review of your plan at least every 3 years.