Domestic Violence in Georgia

Q. What is the best action to take if the divorce involves possible violent behavior from the other spouse?
A. It is possible that a divorce could cause one party to behave very badly or very violently. Every case is different, but if you fear your spouse might harm you, your children, or your property, then it is best to take the appropriate actions. These actions include moving to a safer location and getting a temporary restraining order to keep the individual away from you and your children, except as permitted by the court. It will also be best to close joint bank accounts and credit card accounts. Remember that you should only take these actions if it is very necessary. Otherwise, these actions, if not called for, will probably cause bad feelings and, you might lose the chance to resolve issues "amicably."

Q. How can I get help if myself and/or my children have been subject to physical abuse?
A. If you or your children are victims of physical abuse then seek help IMMEDIATELY. Do not wait. It is also important to know that not only are there criminal sanctions against such abuse, you may be able to pursue civil remedies against the abusive spouse in certain circumstances.

Some resource numbers for assistance:

For Women:
Grady Rape Crisis Center – 404-616-4861
Partnership Against Domestic Violence – 404-873-1766
Rape Abuse Incest National Network – 1-800-656-Hope(4673)
Battered Women’s Assistance Program – 404-730-6883
Junior League of Dekalb County International Women’s House (404)-299-2323
The Women’s Resource Center of DeKalb County, Inc. (including the Battered Women’s Shelter) 404-688-9436
The Governor’s Victim Assistance Help Line – 1-800-338-6745
Georgia Advocates For Battered Women and Children – (404) 524-3847 (HOTLINE: 1-800-643-1212)

For Men:
The Father’s Resource Center – 404-753-6040
Men Stopping Violence – 404-688-1376
Partnership Against Domestic Violence – 404-873-1766

For Children:
Georgia Center for Children – 404-876-1900
Georgia Council on Child Abuse – 404-870-6565
Georgia Fatherhood Initiative – 770-642-9104
Hughes Spalding Children’s Hospital division of Child Psychiatry-404-616-2215

For Families:
Alcoholics Anonymous – 404-525-3178
Cooperative Parenting – 770-942-0042
Department of Family and Children Services – 404-657-8000
United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta at 404-614-1000

Website resource with additional help referral listings:

This list is in no way exhaustive of the resources that may be available. For additional lists of services and/or shelters in your area, consult your local yellow pages.

**In emergency circumstances, temporary protection orders can be obtained from the court. (O.C.G.A. § 19-13-1 Family Domestic Violence Act – provides for expedited processing, for registering of protective orders as well as out-of-state domestic orders).**

SOURCE: DivorceNet

Beauticians in Unique Position to Help Domestic Violence Victims

The first person to spot domestic abuse may be an unlikely prospect: the victim’s hair stylist, nail technician or massage therapist.

Victims often confide in these intimate professionals in comfortable surroundings – and then stop coming.

But that still leaves at least one final chance to get educational resources and sources of help into their hands first.

The abuse spotted may be a bruise – or an overwhelming exertion of control.

Heidi Markow is standing before a group of hair stylists, massage therapists and nail technicians at TC Salon & Spa in Bethlehem, Pa., but she’s not there to talk perms or pampering.

She has something more serious on her mind. She wants to know if any of them have seen signs of possible domestic abuse in their clients.

The hands start going up.

Jase Defreitas said he noticed a bruise on his client’s side during a massage.

Skin care specialist Alison Norton recalled giving a facial to a woman whose cell phone wouldn’t stop ringing with calls from her husband.

And TC owner Frank Shipman said he’s noticed husbands who never leave their wives’ sides during a hair appointment, even dictating the color and cut.

"The control is frightening," he said.