Common Issues for Children

The Impact of Divorce on Children

Divorce is one of the most powerful events that can affect a child in their young life. The basis of their life stability has been rocked for reasons they cannot fully grasp or comprehend at their age. I have seen this first hand as some close friends have separated and prepared for divorce. The pair has attempted reconciliation through family counseling, but even that process wears at the children’s psyche.

Some parents see divorce as solely a "grown-ups" issue. It’s common to hear one party say, "We just can’t get along anymore," or "She has been unfaithful." It is an unfortunate fact that divorce reaches beyond that into every aspect of the couple’s life and leave many people in a very difficult situation. The marital relationship has far reaching ramifications for children, extended families, friends, and others. Children, because of their impressionable minds and inability to fully comprehend the circumstances, are usually hit the hardest. The following are some perspectives on the views of children in a divorcing family.