Step by Step Process of Calculating Child Support in Georgia

1. Gross Income-Determine the gross monthly income of both the mother and father. Gross income shall be calculated on a monthly basis and each parent enters the amount on Schedule A.

2. Adjusted Income-The gross income of either parent may be reduced if one or more of the following reasons applies. These are calculated on Schedule B:

· Is either parent self employed?

· If so, that parent’s monthly gross income will be reduced by 6.2% for FICA (up to the annual maximum amount allowed), and 1.45% for Medicare.

· Has either parent been paying preexisting child support orders?

· If so, the parent’s monthly gross income will be reduced by the amount of monthly current support the parent has been paying consistently for a specific period (12 months if order has been in effect that long). If less than full payments have been made, use the average of the amount of current support actually paid. Do not count back child support owed.

· Is either parent supporting his or her other children living in the home, who are not the subject of the case before the court or any preexisting child support order?
· If so, the court may allow a reduction of that parent’s monthly gross income if: (a) the failure to consider the parent’s other child in the home would cause a substantial hardship to the parent, and (b) such adjustment is in the best interest of the child in the current case. If the parent qualifies for this reduction of gross income, a “Theoretical Support Order” is calculated. To calculate: Using the Child Support Obligation Table, find the Basic Child Support Obligation corresponding to that parent’s gross income and the number of qualified other children. Multiply that amount by 75% and the parent’s gross income may be reduced by the resulting amount, if the court so allows.

3. Combined Adjusted Income-Add both parent’s adjusted incomes together to arrive at the combined adjusted income amount. If using the electronic worksheet, it will automatically calculate this for you.