How to Ensure Your Children Receive the Child Support They Are Due

The following is a list of tips for parents who are considering a divorce for how to best plan ahead for the collection of child support. With government child support enforcement agencies struggling with a backlog of over 15 million cases of unpaid child support, difficulties in collecting the money owed to America’s children are all too common. Planning ahead – before and during a divorce – can help avoid years of frustration.

The following are some important tips:

1. Make sure you understand what is in your divorce decree – especially the order for child support.

2. Keep accurate records of all child support received.

3. Be sure you have copies of your children’s birth certificates and a copy of the court order.

4. Knowing how to find the non-custodial parent is a key factor in ensuring that child support payments are made regularly, as is detailed knowledge about income sources. Maintain records about the non-custodial parent, including:

a. Current and/or recent addresses
b. Social security number
c. Current and recent employers
d. Names and contact information of friends, relatives and organizations to which he or she might belong
e. Information about his or her income and assets (pay slips, tax returns, bank accounts, investments, property holdings, etc.).