Why Should You Consider a Cobb County Collaborative Divorce?

Take a look at these Truthful Reasons and Testimonials as to why you should consider Collaborative Divorce in this short video.

Then, check out the Collaborative Law Institute of Georgia’s new web site for more details on whether the benefits of collaborative practice appeal to you and if you and your family are a good fit for the collaborative process to resolve your divorce or other family law dispute. If you are and you’d like to get started, call our Cobb County collaborative divorce law firm at 770-425-6060.

The Extraordinary Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

The Extraordinary Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

The Collaborative Law Institute of Georgia (“CLIG”) has launched an innovative new website which reveals the extraordinary benefits of the collaborative process in resolving divorce and family law disputes through the use of popular texting acronyms and graphics reinforcing the image of two people being able to sit down together or have a beverage together while they discuss and resolve their case. The approach also includes the clever tagline “Divorce With Benefits™.” Here are some of those benefits in the following slideshow:

[sliderplus collaborativebenefits]

As a Marietta and Cobb County collaborative divorce lawyer and an Atlanta collaborative divorce attorney, I am very excited by the new marketing approach and the improved message we can share with the public to educate them about the benefits of collaborative divorce over traditional  litigated divorce. If you have questions about the collaborative process and whether it is right for you and your family, check out the CLIG website or give us a call at 770.425.6060.