FREE Kids Protection Plan Resource for Georgia Parents of Minor Children

An amazing new free resource is now available for Georgia parents to appoint guardians for your children and guarantee their protection in the case of an emergency or sudden death.

Visit to get started with your free legal documents!

Please note the following:

  • Naming guardians for your kids on this site is totally FREE with no strings attached!
  • If you are not sure who you want to name as legal guardians for your children, our site will walk you through a foolproof process to help you choose the right people.
  • You will NOT be solicited for legal services by naming guardians through this site. You will be given a certificate for a review of the legal documents you create by a Personal Family Lawyer, which you can use at any time.
  • The information we gather from you is for legal document creation only! We respect your privacy and will not sell, give, or exchange your contact information with anyone.
  • When you complete your guardianship nominations, a formal document will be sent to you via email to be signed by two witnesses of your choosing. Again, to keep this FREE, we’ve included a complimentary appointment with a Personal Family Lawyer to review your legal documents.