Are the fees I pay my divorce lawyer deductible?

Only those fees paid to your divorce lawyer that are directly attributable to tax advice and/or related to the production of taxable income (such as alimony) can be deducted. 

You may want to ask your lawyer at the conclusion of the case if he or she can give you a breakdown of what portion of the fee you paid her, if any, was related to tax advice or the production of taxable income.  If the case does not involve alimony or other tax issues (for example, the sale of a house or stocks or the division of a retirement account), you may not be able to deduct any of the fee.

If you have specific questions related to this issue in your case, talk to your lawyer or tax advisor.

SOURCE: Alabama Family Law Blog

The Forensic CPA — Your Ally in Divorce

Let’s first dispel a popular misconception: Forensic does not mean dealing with the dead, as in Forensic Pathology’s well known Dr. Quincy. Black’s Law Dictionary defines Forensic as "Belonging to courts of justice". Breathe a sigh of relief-Divorce and Death are not joined at the hip!!

Often, a participant in a divorce is forced to address a significant amount of financial detail for the first time. This, of course, is in addition to all of the other practical and emotional considerations affecting their lives. Spouses generally understand the basics of the family finances, but it is often the husband who assumes the role as the head of the family financial affairs. It is not uncommon in the divorce process that investments, bank and brokerage accounts and other assets are "discovered" that were unknown to a participant. In addition, if a business is involved, the non-participant often understands little about the affairs of the business.

An experienced Forensic CPA has training and experience in understanding and locating financial information and knowledge of the Divorce process. Consequently, he or she is an invaluable member of your professional team when you are in the process of a dissolution. Let’s look at several areas where this experienced professional will serve you well: