Marietta Divorce Lawyer’s Guide to Cobb County Divorcing Parents Seminar in 2014

Marietta Divorce Lawyer’s Guide to Cobb County Divorcing Parents Seminar in 2014

As a Marietta divorce lawyer and Cobb County child custody attorney, I inform all clients in divorce cases and other family law cases involving parents of minor children in Cobb County that they must attend a court-mandated seminar for divorcing parents. The following is a summary of the seminar and dates for it in Cobb County in 2014.

Because of the extremely emotional nature of divorce and its impact on children, the Cobb County Superior Court Judges enacted a local rule of court mandating divorcing parents of children under the age of 18 to attend a four hour educational seminar entitled “Helping Children Cope With Divorce: A Seminar for Divorcing Parents.” The purpose of the seminar is to provide parents with information on topics including the divorce process and how it impacts children, developmental stages of children, communication skills, identifying when a child may need help, and realistic expectations about step families.

The course is conducted by professional counselors who can help the parents identify and respond to the best interest of their children. The class is offered three times each month (see the online registration form for a schedule) at a cost of $30.00 per participant. Evaluations of this seminar have consistently shown that at least 94% of past participants felt that the course was helpful to them during the divorce process.

Please do not bring children to the workshop. They will not be allowed into the classroom and child care is not provided.

For further information, please call the ADR office at (770) 528-1812.

You will complete the seminar by attending ONE Thursday morning seminar OR by attendingTWO Monday evening seminars.

* Denotes change in regular schedules

2013 Schedule 
 Thursday Morning Classes
8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m
 Monday Evening Classes
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
November 7th or 21st
December 5th or 19th
November 11th and 18th
December 9th and 16th

* Denotes change in regular schedules

2014 Schedule 
 Thursday Morning Classes
8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m
             Monday Evening Classes
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
*January 9th or 16th
February 6th or 20th
March 6th or 20th
April 3rd or 17th
May 1st or 15th
June 5th or 19th
July 3rd or 17th
August 7th or 21st
September 4th or 18th
October 2nd or 16th
November 6th or 20th
December 4th or 18th
*January 13th and 27th
February 10th and 17th
March 10th and 17th
April 14th and 21st
May 12th and 19th
June 9th and 16th
July 14th and  21st
August 11th and 18th
September 8th and 15th
October 13th and 20th
November 10th and 17th
December 8th and 15th

* Denotes change in regular schedules


The location for all classes will be:

Cobb County Superior Court South Building
(Building “D” 3rd Floor, Courtroom O) 
30 Waddell Street
Marietta, GA 30090-9642

Driving Directions

Marietta Square Map

SOURCE: Superior Court of Cobb County




Return to the Blogs: Blogging at the Beach 2010

After a bit of a hiatus from my blogging activities, I am pleased to return to posting this week, with a return to a popular series of posts I have done in the past.

I am attending the 28th Annual Family Law Institute in Destin, Florida, this week. Except for last year's (when my family was preparing for out Journey to China), I have attended each of these since 1988. It is a three day program on current events and cutting edge issues in family law, led by the premier family law attorneys and judges throughout the State of Georgia. I will be blogging reports of the program as I have in the past.

The entire program has been created under the leadership of K. Paul Johnson, of McCorkle & Johnson, LLP, Savannah. He has created a fact pattern which is desgned to educate and entertain, and will use video vignettes followed by presentation on various aspects of a divorce and child custody trial.

An overview of the program is listed below:

On Thursday, May 27, Tina S. Roddenbery, Chair of the Family Law Section, State Bar of Georgia, of the law firm of Holland Schaeffer Roddenbery Blitch LLP, Atlanta, will present the Opening Remarks.

Edward J. Coleman, III, Surrett & Coleman, P.A., Augusta, and Jonathan J. Tuggle, Boyd Collar Nolen & Tuggle, LLC, Atlanta, will be presenting on THE INITIAL CLIENT INTERVIEW.
A section on PLanning your case strategy (surveillance, documents, etc.) will be led by Thomas P. Hawkins, Jr., Hawk Private Investigations, Inc., Atlanta, and Richard M. Nolen, Boyd Collar Nolen & Tuggle, LLC, Atlanta.

Hon. Adele P. Grubbs, Judge, Superior Court, Cobb Judicial Circuit, Marietta, James C. Metts, III, James. C. Metts, III, P.C., Savannah, Tyler J. Browning, Browning & Smith LLC, Marietta, and Stephen C. Steele, Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP, Marietta, will delve into the subject of Discovery/Evidence.

Hon. J. Stephen Schuster, Judge, Superior Court, Cobb Judicial Circuit, Marietta, and Randall M. Kessler, Kessler, Schwarz & Solomiany, P.C., Atlanta, will cover the important topic: TEMPORARY HEARING (when time is short).

On FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010, we will cover alternate dispute resolution in "Making mediation Successful" with Carl S. Pedigo, Jr., Attorney at Law, Savannah, Wendy W. Williamson, The Mediation Center, Savannah, and Leigh F. Cummings, Warner, Mayoue, Bates & McGough, Atlanta.

This will be followed by a review of ETHICAL AND CRIMINAL ISSUES, with Hon. David L. Dickinson, Judge, Superior Court, Bell-Forsyth Judicial Circuit, Cumming, Hon. Mark Anthony Scott, Judge, Superior Court, Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit, Decatur, Kurt A. Kegel, Davis, Matthews & Quigley, P.C., Atlanta, and Barry B. McGough, Warner, Mayoue, Bates & McGough, P.C., Atlanta.

UNUSUAL CUSTODY ISSUES: Religious DIFFERENCES, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, ETC., will be covered with Hon. Jeffrey S. Bagley, Judge, Superior Court, Bell-Forsyth Judicial Circuit, Cumming, Hon. Gail S. Tusan, Judge, Superior Court, Atlanta Judicial Circuit, Atlanta, Charles E. Bailey, Warner, Mayoue, Bates & McGough, Atlanta, Sarah C. Brogdon, LCSW, Peachtree Psychological Associates, Atlanta, and Rebecca L. Crumrine, Davis, Matthews & Quigley, P.C., Atlanta.

The topic of EQUITABLE DIVISION (VALUING ASSETS, NONMARITAL PROPERTY ISSUES) will be explored by Kelly A. Miles, Smith Gilliam Williams & Miles, P.A., Gainesville, R. Scot Kraeuter, Savage Turner Pinson & Karsman, Savannah, Martin S. Varon, Alternative Resolution Methods, Inc., Smyrna.

On SATURDAY, MAY 29, 2010, we will conclude with:
TAKING THE CASE TO TRIAL, led by Hon. Lawton E. Stephens, Judge, Superior Court, Western Judicial Circuit, Athens, Regina M. Quick, Regina M. Quick, P.C., Athens, and Katheleen B. Connell, Boyd Collar, LLC, Atlanta

Hon. Bill Reinhardt, Chief Judge, Superior Court, Tifton Judicial Circuit, Tifton
Kelley O’Neill Boswell, Watson Spence LLP, Albany

Protecting your client after the entry of the Final Judgment and decree, with Hon. Cynthia Wright, Judge, Superior Court, Atlanta Judicial Circuit, Atlanta, Gwenn D. Holland, Holland, Schaeffer Roddenbery Blitch, LLP, Atlanta, and Kice H. Stone, Stone & Driggers LLC, Macon.

And finally, a review of the past year's Case Law update and recent developments, presented by Jonathan V. Dunn, McCorkle & Johnson, LLP, Savannah, and Sarah McCormack, Kessler, Schwarz & Solomiany, Atlanta.

Blogging at the Beach 2008: Day 2

Day 2 of the Georgia Family Law Institute began today with the popular and fast-moving Hot Tips From the Experts. Moderated by Shiel Edlin of Stern and Edlin of Atlanta, 10 lawyers presented 5 minute segments on various current hot topics and practical tips in divorce and family law cases.

The speakers included:

Richard Nolen of Warner, Mayoue, Bates & Nolen of Atlanta on the topic of Stick With What Works.

Stephen Steele of Marietta on Statistics of Divorce

Tina Shadix Roddenberry of Kidd & Vaughan of Atlanta on the topic of Cell Phone Tower Tracking and Integrating Third Party Discovery.

Scot Krauter of Savage, Turner, Pinson & Karsman of Savannah on Personal Injury Proceeds in Divorce.

Jonathan Levine of Levine and Smith in Atlanta on How to Seal the Deal.

Karen Brown Williams of Atlanta on How to Keep the Guardian ad Litem From Killing your Case.

Seth Harp of Columbus on Railroad retirement Benefits Division in Divorce.

Frank DeVincent of Davis, Matthews & Quigley in Atlanta on Waiver and Presentation of Attorney-Client Privilege.

Jonathan Tuggle of Warner, Mayoue, Bates and Nolen of Atlanta on the subject of Virtual Visitation.

Carol Ann Walker of Gainesville on the use of Requests for Admissions in Domestic Cases.

The next presentation was a fun, game-show style "Are You Smarter Than an Appellate Judge?" Jeanney Kutner of Atlanta took on the jeff Foxworthy role with Mary Beth Hebert of Atlanta as the contestant. Susan Hurst of Bogart and Bogart in Atlanta served as "explainer" and a panel of judges from the Georgia Court of Appeals (Chief Judge Anne Elzabeth Barnes, Judge John Ruffin, and Judge J.D. Smith) and Superior Court of Fulton County Family Division (judge Cynthia Wright, Judge Gail Tusan, and Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane), served in the stead of the "5th graders" from the show with the similar name and format.

Family_law_institute_2008_044 University of Georgia School of Law professor and dean, Paul Kurtz, took us back to law school and educated us about three particular Uniform Family Laws in Georgia: Opportunity Awaits. He discussed the Uniform Interstate Enforcement of Domestic Violence Protective Orders Act, the Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act, and the Uniform Premarital Agreements Act.

The Jack Turner Award was presented to Martin Huddleston by his friend and former law parFamily_law_institute_2008_038tner, Barry McGough.

Finally, a panel consisting of Judge Jeffrey Bagley of the Superior Court of Forsyth County in Cumming, Rebecca Crumrine of Davis, Matthews & Quigley of Atlanta, Leigh Cummings of Warner, Mayoue, Bates & Nolen of Atlanta, and Paula Frederick of the Office of General Counsel of the State Bar of Georgia, all spoke on the topic of Attorney’s Fees in Domestic Relations Cases: Ethics and Practice.

Blogging at the Beach 2008: Day 1

Family_law_institute_2008_004_2 I woke up in Destin to a beautiful sunrise and walked on the beach. Registration for the 26th Annual Family Law Institute began at 7:30 at the Sandestin Beach Hilton and I greeted many of my colleagues from Atlanta and others from throughout the State of Georgia. The conference was chaired by Edward Coleman of Surrett & Coleman of Augusta, Georgia and opening remarks were also made by Kurt Kegel of Davis Matthews and Quigley in Atlanta, Chair of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia. I was informed by Steve Harper of ICLE in Georgia that over 450 attorneys were in attendance, the largest crowd ever to attend.

Family_law_institute_2008_008 The first presentation was on Direct Examination of a Business Valuator, by attorney K. Paul Johnson of McCorkle and Johnson in Savannah, Georgia, and by attorney, certified public accountant (and several other initialed credentials), Martin Varon of Alternative Resolution Methods in Smyrna, Georgia. Paul and Martin went through the steps (and the reasons for each step) of what goes into a business evaluation, and how to present the testimony of the expert in a trial of a divorce case.

Family_law_institute_2008_012 John Mayoue of Warner, Mayoue, Bates & Nolen in Atlanta, Georgia, presented a very interesting and enlightening program on National Trends in Domestic Relations Law. Topics ranged from the Age of the Internet (focused on electronic evidence and the legal and illegal methods clients may use to obtain that evidence, free speech and First Amendment issues in divorce and custody cases (including a discussion of the YouTube divorce and restraints on speech (such as blogging about the divorce by one of the parties) in divorce cases), to Religion and Child Custody, current national trends in the area of alimony, and tracing or transmutation of separate property in equitable division of marital property assets.

Family_law_institute_2008_016 A panel of Judge J. Stephen Schuster of the Superior Court of Cobb County in Marietta, Georgia, and lawyers David Givelber and Nancy Lawler, both of Cohen, Pollock, Merlin & Small in Atlanta, took the audience through the esoteric but increasingly more important topic of challenging expert witnesses under the Daubert rule (named after one of the litigants in the case of Daubert v. Merrill Dow Pharmaceuticals)

Gainesville attorney Carol Walker was presented with the Joe Tuggle Professionalism Award by Superior Court of Hall County Judge Bonnie Oliver.

Day One’s program concluded with a panel discussion by attorney John Lyndon of Athens, Superior Court of Ocmulgee Circuit Judge Hulane George of Milledgeville, Superior Court of Pataula Circuit Judge Ronnie Joe Lane of Donalsonville, and attorney Russell Smith of Sanders and Smith of Toccoa, Georgia, on Special Issues for Small Town Practices, including such unusual property division cases as those involving ugly pigs, recusal issues and large turnouts of family members at trials and hearings. 

Blogging at the Beach 2008: A Preview

Dreamstime_970883_2 I will be attending the Georgia Family Law Institute again this year. The seminar and event, the 26th annual program, will be held at the Sandestin Beach Hilton from Thursday, May 22 through Saturday, May 24, 2008.

The topics of the seminar presentations this year are:

THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2008

FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2008
Stick With What Works
Cell-Phone Tower Tracking
Integrating Third- Party Discovery
Personal Injury Proceeds in Divorce
How to Seal the Deal
How to Keep the G.A.L. from Killing Your Case
Railroad Retirement Division in Divorce
Waiver and Preservation of Attorney-Client Privilege
Virtual Visitation
Requests for Admissions in Domestic Cases 

SATURDAY, MAY 24, 2008 

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2007 Georgia Family Law Institute

Blogging from the Beach: Day 1

Blogging from the Beach: Day 2

Blogging from the Beach: Day 2

The highlight of the second day of the Georgia Family Law Institute was the mock appellate argument before the Supreme Court of Georgia. A hypothetical case involving issues of equitable division of marital property was expertly presented by Richard Schiffman and Barry McGough. The Justices asked pointed questions of the counsel, but the rules were made clear to all observers up front: there would be no advisory opinon issued on the facts of this hypothetical or on any other actual case fact patterns.

After the argument, the Justices answered a number of questions from the audience about how cases are internally handled, with topics such as tentative decision votes, banc conferences to discuss the cases, and assignment of cases for opinions, being discussed.

I have had the honor and pleasure of arguing cases before the Supreme Cout in the past. For all of us, and especially for those who had not seen an oral argument before the State’s highest court, this was a wonderful opportunity. We are extremely grateful to the Justices for their participation.