Vietnam Ending Child Adoption Agreement with the U.S.

Vietnam is ending its child adoption agreement with the United States.

The move comes after a report from the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi alleging pervasive corruption and baby-selling in Vietnam’s adoption system.

The agreement was being considered for renewal, but in a letter to the embassy, Vietnam says it will stop accepting applications from American families after July 1st. Applications from families matched with babies before July will continue to have their paperwork processed.

The U.S. report lists cases in which infants were sold or birth mothers pressured to give up their babies. It describes brokers going to villages to search for babies who could be put up for adoption.

It also says some American adoption agencies have been paying orphanage directors for referrals and some have bribed officials
with shopping sprees and junkets to the U.S.

Vietnamese officials deny the charges, calling them "unfair."

SOURCE: in an AP story by Maria Sisti