House Bill 1055 was passed on April 14, 2010, and became effective upon the Governor's signature on May 12, 2010. It provides, among other things for increases in court filing fees for Georgia divorces, adoptions and other civil cases filed in the Superior Courts of Georgia. The increased fees charged by the Superior Court of Cobb County in Marietta, Georgia, are listed below:


The total cost for filing any civil case shall be $212.50. Checks are to
be made payable to Cobb County Clerk
of Superior Court. No credit cards, debit cards or travelers checks.

Cost for Adoption:

   Filing Fee  $212.50
Publication $ 60.00
Total $272.50

Cost for Petition:
Filing Fee $212.50

Cost for Name Change
Filing Fee $212.50
Publication $ 80.00
Total $292.50

Filing Civil Motions: $ 1.00

Issuance of a Fi Fa $ 6.00

Subpoena (Civil): $ 5.00

Notary Commissions $162.00

Certified Copies: $ 2.00 for the certification
$ .50 for each page

Regular copies: $ .50 for each page