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You and your partner are suddenly deceased. You both
have wills but you only nominated a permanent guardian. They were
prepared two years ago and since then the couple you designated has
divorced, and both of them are unreachable (he is out of the country on
business and she has changed her address).

What happens in the first 24 – 48 hours after your death?

If there is no one to take custody of your children in this scenario,
then CPS will have to take custody until someone can be located or a
temporary or permanent guardian can be appointed by the court.  The
procedure in Texas is to probate the will and appoint a guardian.
Unfortunately, in this case, the parents committed one of the six
common mistakes people make by not regularly updating their wills.
Since the couple you selected as guardians is now divorced, the court
may only designate one of them (and it may not be the person you’d
choose) or decide on someone else entirely.