Georgia estate planning attorney
Stephen Worrall is urging parents across the state to re-evaluate the status of
their estate plans should they suddenly die or find themselves unable to care
for their kids.  Worrall says free
websites such as make it possible to do this even if
parents can’t afford a lawyer.

ATLANTA July 1-   Marietta,
Georgia estate attorney Stephen Worrall is urging parents across the state to
re-examine their own estate plans in light of the recent battle over Michael
Jackson’s assets and guardianship of his children.

Stephen Worrall is the only lawyer in Georgia recognized
as a Personal Family Lawyer® and specially trained to work with parents to
choose the right guardians for their children regardless of their income.  The work of the Personal Family Lawyer®
program has been featured on the Today show, Fox News, CNBC and radio programs across the country as they help
make estate planning accessible and affordable for every family across the
United States.

Worrall explains, “Whether
you have $5 or $50 million dollars, if you have a child, you must put your guardianship decisions in
writing.  This includes naming someone to
care for your children for the short-term until the permanent guardian (if they
live out of state or can’t be available for some reason) can come and take
charge of the situation

According to Worrall, estate planning isn’t “just for
rich people” either.  One particular
allows parents to name guardians for their kids free of charge so parents no longer have any reason to not plan
properly for their child’s future.

None of us can
predict how or when we will die or become injured
,” says Worrall.  But we
can all make the decision about who would raise our kids and not leave it up to
a Judge and an overcrowded court system to decide
,” he adds.

The necessity of estate planning or naming guardians for
kids typically falls by the wayside until high profile cases such as Michael
Jackson’s death or Anna Nicole Smith’s death reminds parents that some form of
legal planning must be done to ensure children do not wind up with a court
appointed guardian, or worse, in the hands of the state foster system.

I’ve seen so many  cases where kids end
up in the care of the wrong people because their parents didn’t take five
minutes to make their guardianship decisions known in writing,” laments
“Yet it’s so unfortunate because estate planning is affordable, and even
free in the case of the website, so there is no longer
any excuse for parents not to get this taken care of for their children.”

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