Thanks to Portland, Oregon, estate planning attorney and fellow Personal Family Lawyer Candice Aiston for the following post which appeared in her Oregon Estate Planning Blog this week:

Stacey L. Bradford has put out "The Wall Street Journal Financial
Guide for Parents." In it, she talks about how many parents should
be setting up trusts. The only thing I would add is that when you seek
out an attorney to do this, you should make sure that you are working
with one who is going to keep up with you throughout your lifetime, so
that you can be sure that your trust is always going to work for you.
Ask the attorney whether they offer a free plan review (at least every
3 years) and whether they have a membership program for ongoing legal
needs. We see many trusts fail because of little issues that could have
been prevented with better client service and communication. (Actually,
here is a good article about choosing an estate planning attorney.)

You can read the WSJ article here.

And here is the video interview of the author: