Dear Friend,


Forgive me for being a bit blunt in
this special report I’ve prepared for you.


Having worked with families for
years, I’ve discovered that what you really want is to have a caring
professional “shoot straight” with you when it comes to your legal
and financial matters.


So, I’m dispensing with the
“legalese” during this short report and I’ll give you the simple, unvarnished


Sound good?


Did you know that many families
“fly in the dark” when r
it comes to securing the financial future of
their loved ones? It’s sad, but true.


As a Personal Family Lawyer®, it truly breaks my heart when I hear the
(countless) stories of families becoming embroiled in legal battles over money during
the most painful times in their lives
, simply because they never found a
trusted advisor to help them get their affairs in order.

already taken the first step towards shedding real light on your family’s
future by requesting this free report and further–you’re about to discover how
you can cut through “lawyer talk” and avoid the costly mistakes made by so many
when choosing a lawyer for their family’s legal planning needs.

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