Why You Need A Membership Program NOW

You have changes in your life, the law changes, and your assets change.  If you don’t update your estate plan, then at the end of your life, your planning documents may be totally out of date and USELESS or even worse – WRONG.

Most attorneys bill on an hourly basis, which discourages you from calling their office. It’s possible that since your estate planning documents were signed, you have had a lot of changes in your life and your family. But you didn’t contact the attorney who drafted your documents because you were afraid of what it would cost. That’s understandable.

The traditional estate planning model requires you to proactively contact your attorney when things change in your life, the law changes or your assets change. But, you’re busy and keep putting it off thinking you’ll get to it later.

The traditional model focuses on estate planning documents that pass on your financial assets with minimal court involvement and estate taxes, but far too often don’t focus at all on your most valuable wealth – your intellectual, spiritual, and human assets.

I’m not in the business of putting in place estate plans that are destined to fail because they are outdated. I am here to help you and make a difference in your life!
So, I’ve figured out how I could really make a difference in your life, help you create a real, tangible legacy for your loved ones, ensure your estate plan stays up to date and provide you with ongoing legal services all without charging you hourly fees.
I’m really excited about it and think it’s the perfect solution to all of the problems created as a result of the old, outdated ways of the traditional lawyer … the traditional model has not served you as well as I know I can.

You can be a part of our NEW VIP Membership Program.

I’ve broken free of the traditional lawyer’s way of doing business and the only Family Lawyer doing so in the Marietta and Cobb County, Georgia, area.

I’ve committed to entirely eliminate hourly billing in my office, ensure my client’s estate plans work throughout their lifetime and give my clients affordable access to their own personal lawyer throughout life before making any financial or legal decisions.

How will I do this?

It’s called our “Family Wealth VIP Membership Program”. Here is some of what you get as a member:

 No charge access to me, your own Family Lawyer, so we can talk  before making another legal or financial decision – and not have to worry about being billed.
 Up to 50% discount on future legal services with my office.
 Annual review of your estate planning documents and unlimited plan amendments, so your plan always works!
 Annual asset check up to ensure everything you own is owned in the right way. I can put in place the best documents for you, but if your assets are owned incorrectly, your documents may fail.
 25% discount on the after death administration of a trust estate or will probate administration so your family will never have to worry that they won’t know what to do after you are gone.
 Electronic storage of your Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Will and Disclosure of Protected Health Information so your medical professionals can access these critically important documents from anywhere in the world, whenever you need them.
 Annual “Priceless Conversations” that pass on your whole Family Wealth, not just your money. Through these simple conversations, which we will record for you in our office, you will build a legacy library that when left behind will be more valuable than any amount of dollar wealth you could create – it’s about who you are and what’s important to you.

These are just a few of the benefits of our Family Wealth VIP Membership program.

I am also providing a free estate plan check up for the parents (over age 65) of members. If your parents need a comprehensive estate plan after this check up, I’ll provide that at 50% off our normal rates. And, if all they need is an updated Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Will, Medical Disclosure Release and General Durable Power of Attorney (every adult needs these documents even if they don’t own any property or have any money in the bank), I’ll do that free. These documents benefit you as much as they do your parents.

SOURCE FOR POST: Linda Sherfey