The following list appeared on the blog Soul Mating and is written by Laura Milligan

Whether you’ve recently separated from your spouse or you’re a single parent ready to move on to another relationship, you can find a lot of free legal advice, therapy and dating tips online. This list of 50 divorce blogs are published with the intention of helping out other separated and divorced individuals as they try to make sense of child custody issues, international divorces, dealing with grief and moving on, and more. Take advantage of these bloggers’ experience and the advice they offer to take back control over your life.

For Women

Women will find these divorce blogs helpful as they read about dating tips, domestic violence and more.

  1. Divorce Diva: The Divorce Diva aims to make "divorce a manageable tragedy" for her readers by sharing news stories, book reviews, jokes and great tips for dealing with a divorce.
  2. The Emergency Divorce Blog for Women: This blog posts articles about domestic violence "related to divorce" and children.
  3. Women’s Divorce Blog: Learn about your legal options and get tips on managing your emotional state after a divorce on this blog.
  4. What’s Love Got to Do With It?: This blog explores "why modern women don’t find their Mr. Right" and can serve as a thought-provoking, challenging guide during or after a divorce.
  5. Solo Mother: Newly single moms can get tips on coping and managing their hectic lives here.
  6. Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce: What Every Woman Needs to Know: Women will find "divorce survival skills" on this blog.

For Men

These blogs are written by and for men who are experiencing divorce.

  1. Successful Divorce Planning for Men: Scroll through the archives on this blog to learn about child custody laws and more.
  2. Divorce and Evolution: Read the story of this man’s divorce process from his wife of eight years.
  3. Divorced Dads Matter: Find support and links to divorce and custody resources here.

Legal Advice

Find free legal advice from these blogs.

  1. Lawlady’s Divorce Blog: Get tips on "collaborative divorce" and more from this Seattle holistic divorce attorney.
  2. New York Family Law and Divorce: New Yorkers going through a divorce will gain insight into their personal case by reading this blog, which covers news stories and more.
  3. The International Family Law Office: Couples with international ties have an even more complicated struggle when trying to figure out a divorce. Turn to this blog for help.
  4. NRI Divorce: South Asians and Non-resident Indian couples can use this site as a resource for figuring out relationships, divorce, custody and more.
  5. Divorce Lawyers Blog: Get tips on finding a lawyer and navigating the legal process of divorce here.
  6. Illinois Divorce Law Blog: Get news stories and advice that are both unique to Illinois cases and relevant to general cases.
  7. Divorce Law Journal: This Kentucky divorce law blog also covers news and issues that divorcing couples around the country face.

Dealing with Divorce

From explaining divorce to your children to separating health insurance and other accounts, these blogs have all kinds of tips to help you deal with the different aspects of divorce.

  1. Darn Divorce: Here you’ll find "random thoughts and news on the dreaded D-word."
  2. The Evolution of Marriage: This blog can be a helpful resource for those thinking about divorce and those who are already divorced. Read about the natural ups and downs of marriage, as well as the freedom of living on your own.
  3. Etiquette for Exes: If you’re having trouble being civil with your ex, turn to this blog for tips on how to stop fighting, especially if you want to make it easier on your kids.
  4. Children and Divorce: Learn about children’s rights and how children deal with divorce here.
  5. Learn how to manage practical problems, like health insurance and name changes, as well as emotional support on this blog.
  6. Children of Divorce Blog: Children of Divorce Blog is another resource for parents concerned with the emotional well-being of their children during a divorce.
  7. Divorce Hotline: Read all about divorce issues here, from preparing yourself for legal fights to moving on.

Moving On

How do you know when you’re ready to move on? These blogs provide support and ideas for transitioning to another phase of your life.

  1. Thrive After Divorce: The blog for this ezine shares easy-to-remember mantras and gives tips to help divorced men and women move on.
  2. Fresh Start After Divorce: Join this community to read articles, connect with others going through a divorce and more.
  3. Collaborative Divorce Newsblog: Through regular posts and news stories, this blog aims to help "people make respectful, civilized, values-based transitions from couple to single."
  4. Step by Step: This blog is run by a group of moms who are trying to manage life in a blended family.
  5. Unfettered Cravings: Read about this newly divorced man’s X-rated adventures — and fantasies — as he gets back into the dating game.
  6. Sexy Ex: Women who have recently suffered through a breakup get tips on how to rejuvenate their sex life here.
  7. Prill Boyle’s Defying Gravity: This blog helps those experiencing a major life transition achieve what they want.
  8. Life After Divorce: New Horizons: Get tips on recovering from divorce, no matter how old you are.
  9. Maine Divorce Law Blog: In addition to covering issues about the legal side of divorce, this blog features stories about divorce culture, American divorce trends and more.
  10. Dad’s House: This single dad writes about dating and parenting issues.

General Advice

In this list you can find general tips and advice about managing your divorce case, exploring child custody options and more.

  1. Judith’s Divorce Blog: Lawyer Judith Middleton shares her reflections and advice on revenge, compromise and communication.
  2. California Divorce Blawg: This blog from California lawyer John E. Harding posts about divorce legal news but also includes other divorce-related news stories, statistics, celebrity divorce news and more.
  3. Chicago Divorce Lawyer: While this blog focuses on divorce news and legal information for those in the Chicago area, it also offers up divorce book reviews, articles on choosing a divorce lawyer and divorce etiquette.
  4. Florida Divorce: Read up on child custody cases and divorce-related news to learn about settling finances and more.
  5. Divorce Blog: Read news stories and other articles relating to divorce and legal issues here.
  6. The Divorce Blog: Recent posts on this blog address news stories, politics and divorce, and remarriage.
  7. Generation Ex Files: This blogger addresses divorce issues relating to children, surviving the holidays, working out family problems and more.
  8. Divorce Information: Recent posts on this blog include "Should You Stay or Should You Go?" and "I’m Movin’ On."
  9. Lifestyle of a Divorced Single Mom: This single mom writes about life lessons, relationship issues, managing work, and more.

Go-To Resources

These go-to resources include a directory to help you find a lawyer, news stories about family law, and personal blogs about getting through a divorce.

  1. Total Divorce Blog: Recent posts on this blog include "Making Patchwork Families Work" and "Divorce Lawyers See More Digital Evidence," reporting legal news and giving tips on divorced families.
  2. Divorce Find: This bare bones blog posts the 10 most recent articles on its site plus other divorce resources for finding lawyers.
  3. Divorced at 50: This blogger got divorced after a 32-year relationship and now writes articles and posts information for those needing legal, emotional and financial advice.
  4. Your Child – Your Divorce: If you’re going through a divorce and want advice on how to explain it to your children, turn here.
  5. Daily Stories on Divorce and Family Law: Here you’ll find stories from different news services covering divorce, child custody and more.
  6. Divorce Blog: This UK-based site has articles about about children and divorce, divorce law, moving on and more.
  7. First Wives World: This networking community also features blog posts that offer support and practical advice for divorced women.
  8. Divorce@Suite101: This resource features articles and more for those experiencing divorce and for divorced singles.