The day of romance and love is coming up Thursday. Valentine’s Day is a multi-billion dollar industry, but so is divorce.

While some people in love are thinking of how they’re going to spend their day together — others are thinking of something much less romantic.

For Valentine’s Day, WHJY-FM disc jockeys Paul and Al are giving away a free divorce.

"Trying to get a divorce on Valentine’s Day is kind of ironic. But the other part about it, it seems to be the time of year that more people actually go and seek a divorce," Al said.

Paul and Al said they’ve received hundred of calls and e-mails from people entering their contest to win a free divorce.

"There’s a lot of hatred, a lot of anger out there in what we’re receiving from the e-mails in our divorce contest," Paul said.

The law offices of Lovett and Lovett are donating the divorce. The only application restriction: you can’t have any children under the age of 18.

Callers offered various reasons for wanting a divorce.

"I like the free divorce because when I was 19 I got married — stupid me — and about year later I caught my wife cheating on me," one caller said.

"Today I just looked at him and said, ‘OK, I’ve had enough,’" another caller said.

"It really amazes me how many people are in this state of limbo in their marriages. It’s not just people who need a divorce right now. But people who have been separated for eight years, 10 years, 12 years, and finally look at this as a way of finding some closure in their lives," Al said.

That closure will come for one random winner on Thursday.