Dreamstime_3738407 We are celebrating today here at the Georgia Family Law Blog, because our StatCounter statistics show that since we began tracking our blog’s traffic on February 9, 2007, we have recorded over 100,000 page views! This blog went live on January 2, 2007 (after having a much less active "starter" blog for about a year earlier at Blogger) and we have posted over 900 articles in that time.

We are extremely grateful to our readers and hope that we have provided useful content for you. We will continue to do so and will work to make it even better over the coming New Year.

We have added other blogs as well over the past year, including the Georgia Wills and Probate Law Blog, the Georgia Adoption Law Blog, the Tablet PC Lawyer Blog, and we will soon be launching the Georgia Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements Blog and the Georgia Collaborative Law Blog!

We also thank the other terrific family law bloggers and other resources (many of whom are listed in our BlogRolls to the right and others listed specially below) which we have quoted or adapted in our posts, and especially Grant Griffiths, the "BlogFather," and author or editor of the Kansas Family Law Blog, the Home Office Lawyer, Blawg for Profit and Divorce Help Network (among others) for inspiring us and showing us what blogging can be and can do.

Special thanks also go to these fellow bloggers, family law and others:

The statistics, as of this posting, are as follows:Blog_stats_100k_3

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