Dreamstime_3148823 The author of the Massachusetts Family Law Blog, Steven Ballard,  has assembled and posted his list of what he considers to be the best American family law blogs. I am proud and honored to be included among them. Here is his post and his list:

Although I have been practicing divorce and family law in Massachusetts for many years, I only recently decided to start my own blog, the one you’re wasting your time reading now, of course.

As part of my new adventure, I have read lots and lots of family law blogs over the last few months. I have done this for purely selfish reasons. I need to find the best blogs, so that I can shamelessly steal ideas from them until I can find my own way and maybe my own voice. So, here’s the list of the best American family law blogs I’ve found, a list I’ll call "Ballard’s Best" (in the interests of alliteration and self-promotion).

Ballard’s Best may not be the definitive list. I do suspect I have missed some really good blogs. However, all of the blogs on this list are excellent, among the best to be found on divorce and family law in the U.S. I have found other good family law blogs, but they are not on the list either because they have recently gone to sleep, or they are not based in the U.S. (I hardly feel competent to judge family law blogs based in the U.S., so I certainly wouldn’t judge those in other countries – I have, however, included the International Family Law Blog, by a British blogger based in New York.)

These winning blogs are very different from one another but all have in common the following four characteristics:

1) They regularly contribute original posts about issues in their own particular family law practice, usually specific to their own state’s jurisdiction.

2) Despite having that particular focus, they post articles that should nonetheless prove useful, relevant, and informative to others, both lawyers and non-lawyers, in other jurisdictions.

3) They post regularly.

4) They have been around for some time, usually a year or more.

The blogs that made my list are the family law blogs that appear on my blogroll. In case you’re wondering, most of these bloggers have not put my new blog on their own blogrolls nor have I asked or expected any of them to do so.* Indeed, I don’t meet the criteria for my own list. No matter. If you can’t beat ’em, judge ’em.

Now, here they are, in alphabetical order:


1) California Divorce and Family Law
2) California Divorce Blawg
3) Family Law Prof Blog
4) Florida Divorce Law Blog
5) Georgia Family Law Blog
6) Indiana Divorce & Family Law Blog
7) International Family Law Blog
8) Kentucky Divorce Law Journal
9) New York Divorce Report
10) Pennsylvania Family Law
11) Updates in Michigan Family Law

SOURCE: Massachusetts Family Law Blog

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