Family Law Information Center
Justice Center Tower, Suite T-704
185 Central Avenue, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Monday – Friday


What is the Family Law Information Center (FLIC)?

The Family Law Information Center (FLIC) was developed to assist people who wish to represent themselves in domestic legal matters or educate themselves about domestic issues. Since opening, over 75,000 people have been served in FLIC.

NEW! I-CAN! web-based domestic forms are now available. Click here for more information.


What type of services are available?


FLIC has legal form packets and instructions available to assist in the following areas (some of which are available on-line):

Name Change
Child Support Modification
Paternity Establishment
Separation Agreement

The FLIC also has individual forms available including:

Acknowledgement of Service
Poverty Affidavit
Rule Nisi
Affidavit of Diligent Search
and a generic affidavit that may be adapted for different situations.


FLIC has attorneys from Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation (AVLF) who, on an appointment basis, provide 30 minutes of free consultation. More than 7900 consultations have been provided since FLIC opened in 1998. The service is available only to individuals who do not currently have legal counsel, and advice may not be provided to anyone if the opposing party has received advice or representation from AVLF.


Several times each year, classes will be offered on topics of interest in the Family Law area.


Official Code of Georgia Annotated
Form Books
"How-to" books


FLIC staff can notarize Family Law Documents free of charge. A current valid picture ID is required to verify identification.


What are the costs for the services of the Family Law Information Center?

Most of the services are free.  There is a $2.00 fee for some of the legal form packets and instructions to help pay for reproduction costs.  The coin-operated photocopier costs 15¢ per copy.


Are there any restrictions on who can use the Family Law Information Center?

Any resident of the State of Georgia is welcome to visit the Center and get information.  Remember, however, you must file your petition and follow the guidelines of the county that has jurisdiction over your legal issue.


What if the forms and packets of information are not enough to help you resolve your legal issues?

The Family Law Information Center is designed to be of assistance, for the most part, in situations where parties are basically in agreement about what actions they want to take on their family law matters.  In more complex situations, the assistance of a professional, such as an attorney, may be needed to resolve issues where the parties involved are not in agreement.

The Family Law Information Center also provides information on many community programs and resources, such as:

Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers
Child Support Enforcement
Family Mediation
Parenting Education Courses
Victims Assistance Programs

SOURCE: Fulton County Superior Court Family Division