I have posted previously about the potential perils of some of our modern forms of communications. Robert Kisselburgh of the Mississippi Family Law Blog has the following post today on issues which can arise out of emails or other electronic communications:

For some reason, many people believe there is some anonymity when they send an e-mail or post something online. It is amazing what people will put in an e-mail or post on a MySpace or Facebook page. Some of the most damaging evidence I have used in trial were e-mails. For some odd reason people will say things in e-mails they would never say in public. What is bad about e-mails and online postings is that those words are there for others to read. This is especially true in divorce and child custody cases. You can expect that someone will look at your e-mails and your postings to see what you are telling others.

This was confirmed by a recent article in the National Law Journal which stated, "Armed with printouts from site such as Facebook and MySpace, attorneys have used pictures, comments, and connections from these sites as powerful evidence in the courtroom." Listen up–your online postings are not private. They can become evidence either to prove you are doing something you should not be doing or used to attack your credibility when you have denied something.

SOURCE: Mississippi Family Law Blog