AlimonyAlimony is a payment from the higher income spouse to the lower income spouse after divorce.  The law regarding alimony has a number of quirks you may not be aware.  Here is a list of 5 things it is likely you didn’t know about alimony:

1.  If your ex-spouse has a sex change, you still have to pay alimony, at least in Florida.  This is despite the fact that alimony could not be payable to a same sex partner.

2.  If your ex-spouse enters a registered domestic partnership with someone of the same sex, you still have to pay alimony, at least in California and also in Oregon (but not Virginia).  This is despite the fact that alimony would end if your ex had remarried.

3.  Even if your ex-spouse tries to kill you, you can’t end alimony if you have a non-modifiable alimony clause in your divorce decree, at least in Missouri.  That being said, even if this had happened prior to alimony being determined, in many states fault is not considered when making determinations of alimony.

4.  Men are entitled to receive alimony.  More and more men are pursuing this option.  And women are just as happy about paying alimony as men are.

5.  Determining the amount and length of alimony is somewhat of a black art and well worth speaking to a lawyer about.  Although the exact factors considered differ from state to state, generally a court considers your and your ex-spouse’s financial situations, career paths, ages, roles during the marriage and health.  However, determinations are very fact specific.

SOURCE: Divorce Zone