Dreamstime_39898 Houston family law attorney Shannon Cavers of the Houston Divorce and Family Law Attorney Blog has posted the following article about including Halloween and other "minor" holdays in custody and visitation orders (referred to in Texas as a "possession order"):

If you’re a divorced or divorcing parent you know that the Standard Possession Order addresses the “major” holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and both Mother’s and Father’s Day. However, the Standard Possession Order is blueprint from which parents and their attorneys may build a custom plan for the family. Remember, long after the ink is dried on the divorce orders, you, your child, and ex spouse have to live with the order – so take the time to ask for the things important to you.

If you have young children and you enjoy watching them dress up for Halloween and participate in carnivals or school activities, ask your attorney to include this in your parenting plan. Parents can either share responsibilities for Halloween, or trade-off Halloween just as divorced parents do with Thanksgiving (i.e., primary conservator to has child for Halloween in even numbered years, while possessory conservator has child in odd numbered years).

Over the years, many parents have asked me to add special provisions to the Standard Possession Order, such as Halloween, Easter, and special holidays for other religious groups.

SOURCE: Houston Divorce and Family Law Attorney Blog