When [did] the new child support guidelines take effect?

The new guidelines [were] effective January 1, 2007 based on Senate Bill 382 of the 2006 Georgia Legislative Session. The Income Shares guidelines originally were scheduled to be effective July 1, 2006 but this is no longer true. The January 1, 2007 date appl[y] to all cases, old and new.

Can I apply for a modification in my award on January 1, 2007?

Not all will be able to immediately apply for a new hearing on January 1, 2007. Whether you can apply for a hearing immediately after January 1, 2007 depends on the advice of your attorney. But some key factors that apply are whether you or the other parent have had a material change in income or financial status since your last hearing on child support or whether there has been a material change in the child or children’s needs. Additionally, if you asked for and had a hearing for a modification within the past two years, you may have to wait for two years since that last hearing. There are exceptions to the two-year rule.

How can I find the new Income Shares guidelines?

Senate Bill 382 contains the new guidelines. They can be found by clicking here.

What happened to the parenting time adjustment in the new Income Shares guidelines?

Unfortunately, legislative politics forced the removal of the automatic parenting time adjustment. Parenting time of the non-custodial parent is now a generic deviation factor that one can request. The new guidelines assumes no parenting time for the non-custodial parent, so theoretically a non-custodial parent could ask for a deviation when exercising any parenting time. However, the Georgia Child Support Commission has been given the specific task of looking further at the issue of parenting time adjustments.

Is there a publicly available calculator for the new guidelines?

Yes, public calculators can be found on the Georgia Department of Human Resources web site. Click here.

SOURCE: Guideline Economics