Too often in child custody cases, children are asked the following questions or subjected to these comments:

  • "Who do you love more? ‘Mommy’ or ‘Daddy?’"
  • "Was mom’s boyfriend there?"
  • "Your father is always late on payments."

Children should never be put in the position of having to deal with "adult" issues.  Just because their parents can’t get along, their childhood should not be ruined by such inappropriate conduct. 

Some judges require feuding parents to attend parenting classes to attempt to resolve (or sometimes prevent) such problems.  These classes vary widely in their format, but they generally aim to teach parents how to deal with each other while protecting their children and also to make parents realize how their actions can affect their children.

Even celebrities can benefit from these classes, as evidenced by the ugly child custody battle between Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher and his former lover.  Both parents in that case were ordered to attend a four-hour parenting class to help deal with the problems in their case.

Source:  "Urlacher Custody Judge: Take a Class" by Rummana Hussain, published at The Herald News.

SOURCE FOR POST: South Carolina Family Law Blog