Istock_000003425803small Experienced family law attorneys know that it is sometimes necessary or desirable to hire other professionals to assist with particular issues in domestic cases.  Of course, the types of professionals  and tasks to be performed will vary, depending on the issues involved in each specific case.  Other professionals commonly used include:

  • The professionals most commonly used in Family Court cases are private investigators.  Not only can these professionals be very helpful in obtaining information about a spouse’s misconduct, they can also help with many other types of issues, such as child custody and visitation cases.
  • Mental health counselors are also helpful in many cases. These professionals can include psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed social workers, and custody evaluators.  Their services provided range widely and include psychological evaluations, anger management, conflict resolution, child counseling, domestic violence, and parenting issues.
  • If parties cannot agree on the value of an asset, it may be necessary to hire an appraiser. Typically, the first type of appraiser that comes to mind is a real estate appraiser. However, there are also professional appraisers who can value anything from antiques, equipment, furniture, or collections to retirement accounts.
  • Accountants are used in many Family Court cases when difficult financial issues arise. The most common areas in which an accountant can be beneficial are (a) determining the income of a self-employed individual, (b) valuing a retirement account, and (c) determining the value of a business entity.

If any of these issues arise in your family law case, your attorney will generally be able to refer you to a qualified professional.  Our firm, like most attorneys, strive to do everything we can to ensure that our clients receive excellent service, not only from us, but also from the other professionals with whom we work.

SOURCE: South Carolina Family Law Blog