Fellow blogger Dan Nunley at the Oklahoma Family Law Blog has the following wise cautionary observations on  the use of private investigators, as related in our posting of Alabama Family Law Blog’s message on the subject:

Michael Sherman of the Alabama Family Law Blog encouraged those suspecting their spouses of infidelity to consider hiring a private investigator. While most states including Oklahoma no longer make fault a prerequisite of divorce, establishing fault (such as adultery) can benefit a spouse when it comes to decisions such as custody and property division. And some spouses hire a private investigator for just such reasons.

However, truth be told, most private investigators are retained to uncover evidence of unfaithfulness simply because the innocent spouse has been hurt and now wants at a minimum, verification of the betrayal, and as a matter of principal, payback or revenge. But the innocent spouse needs to proceed carefully, because improper surveillance tactics on the part of the investigator could very likely boomerang causing the innocent spouse to now be liable to the cheating spouse.

Caution_3 There are strict state and federal laws regarding the use of surveillance equipment such as listening devices which allow you to eavesdrop on another person, hidden cameras which let you view the activities of others without their knowledge, GPS tracking devices which allow you to monitor the location of someone’s vehicle, and other gadgets or software installed on someone else’s computer to monitor their internet activities.

So a word to the wise would be "CAUTION".  Proceed with caution when contemplating spying on your spouse.