The highlight of the second day of the Georgia Family Law Institute was the mock appellate argument before the Supreme Court of Georgia. A hypothetical case involving issues of equitable division of marital property was expertly presented by Richard Schiffman and Barry McGough. The Justices asked pointed questions of the counsel, but the rules were made clear to all observers up front: there would be no advisory opinon issued on the facts of this hypothetical or on any other actual case fact patterns.

After the argument, the Justices answered a number of questions from the audience about how cases are internally handled, with topics such as tentative decision votes, banc conferences to discuss the cases, and assignment of cases for opinions, being discussed.

I have had the honor and pleasure of arguing cases before the Supreme Cout in the past. For all of us, and especially for those who had not seen an oral argument before the State’s highest court, this was a wonderful opportunity. We are extremely grateful to the Justices for their participation.