Thanks to Al Nye at The Maine Family Law Blog for alerting me to David Popenoe’s article on The Top Ten Myths of Marriage. David’s site explains the reality of these myths and interesting source information, so check it out and see what you think:

1        Because people learn from their bad experiences, second marriages tend to be more successful than first marriages.
2        Living together before marriage is a good way to reduce the chances of eventually divorcing.
3        Divorce may cause problems for many of the children who are affected by it, but by and large these problems are not long lasting and the children recover relatively quickly.
4        Having a child together will help a couple to improve their marital satisfaction and prevent a divorce.
5        Following divorce, the woman’s standard of living plummets by seventy three percent while that of the man’s improves by forty two percent.
6        When parents don’t get along, children are better off if their parents divorce than if they stay together.
7        Because they are more cautious in entering marital relationships and also have a strong determination to avoid the possibility of divorce, children who grow up in a home broken by divorce tend to have as much success in their own marriages as those from intact homes.
8        Following divorce, the children involved are better off in stepfamilies than in single-parent families.
9     Being very unhappy at certain points in a marriage is a good sign that the marriage will eventually end in divorce.
10  It is usually men who initiate divorce proceedings.