YEAR’S SUPPORT This proceeding may be filed only by a surviving spouse or for minor children of the decedent. The petition asks that specified property be awarded to the spouse and/or children. Notice must be given to all "interested persons." Property awarded as year’s support is free of all unsecured debts of the estate and takes precedence over any disposition by Will. The lien of certain ad valorem taxes on real estate is divested by the award of the property as year’s support

PETITION TO ENTER SAFE DEPOSIT BOX This proceeding is usually filed when the Will is thought to be in a safe deposit box. It permits the bank to open and examine the contents of the box in the presence of the petitioner. If a Will is found, the bank must deliver it directly to the Probate Court. Insurance policies may be delivered directly to the named beneficiaries. The petitioner may receive only burial instructions and any deed to a burial plot. Other property must remain in the box until an Executor or Administrator is appointed.

SOURCE: Judicial Branch of Georgia