New Releases effective April 17, 2007 – The Guided or question driven version has been released for use. Other enhancements were made to the Unguided Worksheet and the Excel calculator tool. Please click the link for Calculator , and then select the link for ‘Download the Excel Offline Child Support Worksheet’, if you need to download the most current version of the Excel calculator.

Enhancements to the web-based calculator tools include, but are not limited to:

  • The Background and Child pages are the first two pages that appear.
  • There are new ways to navigate through the screens.
  • The links to add Preexisting Orders and Other Qualified Children are now found on Schedule B and no longer on the Worksheet page.
  • There are more detailed instructions on the Review and Signature pages to help users understand these processes.
  • Additional lines for entry of information were added on the Child’s page to the section for Special Expenses for Child Rearing.
  • The Uninsured percentage, Line 14 on the Worksheet, is now editable.
  • Enhancements were made to the Schedule E, Lines 2(b) – 11 for Non-specific Deviations. All amounts entered on those Lines now total on Line 11. Amounts entered should be actual amounts requested for the deviation.
  • Links for definitions or terms have been added to both the Guided and unguided Worksheet and provide useful information.

In May 2007 – Look for the release of the Spanish calculator version and other enhancements to the calculators.

A future enhancement currently in process will include larger font sizes for the printed Excel calculator forms and the Printer Friendly Worksheet and Schedules forms.

SOURCE: Office of Child Support Enforcement