Divorce can be a messy affair — just consider the war of the roses between actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. Toss money matters into the mix, and it can get downright nasty, not to mention costly. Last week, Forbes.com issued a top 10 list of the most expensive celebrity divorces. No. 1 is basketball great Michael Jordan, who may end up paying Juanita, his wife of 17 years, more than $150 million. The money magazine also flipped the script to survey settlements paid by wifey, even though this is much less common. While some details have not been made public, here are a few highlights of reported payouts, according to Forbes magazine.

J. LO: Up to $15 million

In 2002, pop singer/actress Jennifer Lopez reportedly paid backup dancer Chris Judd after less than a year of marriage.

KIRSTIE ALLEY: $6 million

Paying for chefs, nannies and exotic-animal keepers wasn’t as shrewd as joining Jenny Craig for the spokesmodel, who divorced actor Parker Stevenson in 1997.

JANET JACKSON: About $10 million

Ms. Jackson, the current sweetheart of Atlanta music mogul Jermaine Dupri, became a tabloid target when her secret marriage to music colleague Rene Elizondo (right) was publicized in 2000. After being sued for $25 million, Jackson reportedly settled in 2003.

CHRIS EVERT: $7 million

In 2006, the tennis champ was served with a court order to pay her husband of 18 years, Olympic skier Andy Mill. He also got the $4 million vacation spot in Aspen.

JANE FONDA: $2 million

Shortly before her marriage to business titan Ted Turner, the Oscar-winning actress in 1990 divorced politician Tom Hayden (left), who used some of the money to finance a political campaign.


The grande dame of divorce was saved by a prenup with her eighth husband, construction worker Larry Fortensky.