I came across an instructive and inspirational quote today, thanks to fellow blogger Grant Griffiths at the Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer Blog. His post appears below:

A fellow family law blogging friend of mine, James Gross of the Maryland Divorce Legal Crier has a great post today. One that is one sentence long and contains some great content. Here it is:

"A good settlement is where each side gives up 60%."

James is exactly right. But even more important, the parties in a divorce case should strive for some form of settlement. I have yet to see any client of mine, even when we win everything we want, happy after a divorce trial. Settle the darn thing. Not only is it easier on the husband and wife. When there are children involved, they almost always come out better from a settlement. A divorce trial does not do either side any good. In fact, I usually see both sides coming out damaged in some way.

This is why I am such a firm believer in mediation and now collaborative law. Both, especially collaborative law, strive to come to some form of an agreement. Best of all, you the parties are deciding your case and not the court.

If you don’t or won’t come to an agreement, the judge will for you. And chances are, neither side is going to be happy with the order of the court. Work with your lawyer and your ex-spouse and make every possible effort to settle your case. And remember, "a good settlement is where each side gives up 60%."