Internet infidelity isn’t about innocent games or what you have been led to believe by your spouse.  The not-so-innocent seekers like the net because it is safe, anonymous and its very thrilling.  You know this too, so don’t let this intrusion slip by.  Why do you think you are feeling so betrayed?

You must take control of your situation as fast as possible.  Don’t let the situation slide.  Sure you can install the spy software on your computer and monitor your spouse but is this the way you want to live?   Internet infidelity is a very addicting behavior that can destroy your marriage quickly.

Internet Infidelity Prevention Guidelines

  • Admit there is a problem affecting your relationship with the internet activities and discuss them with your spouse.  Convey to your spouse how you exactly feel.
  • Move the computer into a public place where you are likely to be i.e. the corner of your living room, set up a small desk.
  • Utilize the internet NOW for only important usage — If they have to be on the net for banking, etc. stay in the same room with them.
  • Get them involved in real life physical activities outdoors or hobbies and reading.  Find a replacement for the net activities such as playing games, cards, etc.  Remember they are an addict so you will have to find them fun ideas for replacement.
  • Don’t let them use the internet when they are feeling uncomfortable, stressed, irritated, mad or sad about something happening in their life.
  • Get them off the net as soon as possible.

Nurture their success and pat them on the back.  Keep in mind they have to want to change their behavior so that you are able to trust them again.  Do they understand how it began, became a problem in the first place and what they did was such a problem to you? They have to totally accept what they have done and take ownership for the damage they have caused.  Get your partner to come to an agreement about this issue and hold up to their end of the deal.