Here’s a collaborative law recommendation for you, in case you were wondering about this superb method of divorce.  Retired Judge Roderic Duncan, age 72, formerly on the family law bench in Oakland California has written a book called  A Judge’s Guide to Divorce:  Uncommon Advice from the Bench.   According to Los Angeles Times reporter Kathy Kristof, "The crux of the book is that traditional divorce brings out the worst in people and the result is that couples end up supporting the college aspirations of their lawyer’s lawyers’ children rather than their own kids." 

Kristof quotes him saying,  "When I looked back at it after retirement, it became so clear to me that we created a system where the impetus is to fight and contest and nobody gets the result they want," Her article then goes on to describe collaborative divorce as the hottest trend in divorce.  I can’t tell if the 74 year old judge said that in his book, or that’s the opinion of Kristof.   

SOURCE: LawLady’s Divorce Blog