It is well known that many children in contentious divorces are caught in the crossfire between their parents. To minimize the negative effects on children, psychologists offer some general guidelines for parents to follow:

  • Coexist peacefully with your former spouse. This involves putting aside your differences for the sake of the children and supporting each other in the continuing roles as parents. Both parents should encourage each other to maintain contact with the children.
  • Do not argue in front of your children.
  • Children need consistency in their lives. Whenever possible, keep the same daily routines. If you share custody, both spouses should agree on the same household routines bedtime, mealtime, discipline, etc..
  • Do not use your children for emotional support during your divorce. Connect with adult friends and relatives for support.
  • Wait until your children are mostly healed from the divorce before you begin dating.
  • SOURCE: Pocono Record