Michael Sherman at Alabama Family Law Blog is continuing his series of posts on Preparing for Divorce:

We are now on to the sixth step in our series on preparing for divorce.  The sixth step is: Make sure you have your own credit established.

If you do not have your own credit history, you should begin the process of establishing it now.  Obtain a gas card and a credit card.  You will need to have your own credit established after the divorce.  And, the sooner you begin the process the better.  So, don’t wait until after the divorce.  You can start this immediately.

Once you’ve obtained the accounts, you can improve your credit by using the cards and then paying them off each month.  At this point, it is important that you use these cards only to the degree that you can pay them off each month. Your goal is to establish a favorable credit history, not to run up a bunch of debt.

SOURCE: Alabama Family Law Blog