The Supreme Court has affirmed a Fulton County Superior Court judge in Stanley v. Stanley. Justice George H. Carley wrote for a unanimous court.

In affirming the court below, the Supreme Court f ruled that the trial court, sitting as the trier of fact, was not required to award him any of the marital property and found that "the trial court entered a final decree which dissolved the marriage, but did not award either party any marital property, alimony or attorney’s fees."

The Court also considered the Husband’s assertions that the trial court erroneously failed to award alimony or attorney’s fees and ruled that the trial court did not abuse its discretion when it chose not to award either remedy to either party.

SOURCE: Supreme Court of Georgia

Husband’s application for appeal was automatically granted pursuant to the Domestic Relations Pilot Project. He contended on appeal that the trial court erred in not awarding him marital property, alimony, or attorney’s fees.