The following article about Georgia’s new child support guidelines appeared in Swainsboro, Georgia’s The Blade Plus:

This month the Office of Child Support Services began applying new guidelines that take into account the combined income of both parents in order to determine child support payments. In addition to combined income, the new guidelines also consider health insurance and work-related child care costs. The General Assembly passed legislation switching to the income share model in April 2005 after multiple public hearings.

"Child support helps families remain self-sufficient and provides children with a better life," says OCSS Director Cindy Moss. "These new guidelines should more accurately reflect the resources both parents have to support their children."

Under the law signed by Gov. Sonny Perdue last spring, a parent with an existing case must show a substantial change in financial circumstances or the needs of the child to justify a change in support. The new guidelines will be automatically applied to all new cases.

Under the previous system, a non-custodial parent’s child support obligation was calculated as a set percentage of the parent’s income based on the number of children to be supported. The current system, an "income shares" model is measured, which considers the income of both parents.