Thanks to Wendy Jaffe at Divorce Lawyers’ Guide to Staying Married for this post on the use of collaborative law in divorce cases:

Yesterday on NPR’s "Day to Day," I heard a fascinating piece on the collaborative divorce.  The host spoke with a CPA, lawyer, and counselor on this new and less confrontational method of divorce.  A number of states, including California, allow methods other than litigation to end a marriage.

In an era when many many marriages end up in bitter court battles with multiple attorneys and huge legal fees, many feel there is a more "humane" approach to the process.

During a collaborative divorce a spouse combines a team of experts including a lawyer, financial planner, therapist, and/or professional mediator.  The goal is to get the two spouses to work well enough together to maintain a relationship between the parties– especially if children are involved.  The experts quoted argue that the adversarial relationship between two divorcing spouses often hurt the parties more than the events that lead up to the divorce. 

Well worth a listen.

SOURCE: Divorce Lawyers’ Guide to Staying Married