I have come across a software program designed for 7- to 13-year-old children of separated or divorced parents. Earthquake in Zipland intends to help kids cope indirectly with the emotional issues that arise from their parents’ split. Although I have not demo’ed it, it looked interesting and thought I would pass it on.


From the company’s website:

"Earthquake in Zipland" is the first computer game designed to help children of separated or divorced parents cope with their new reality. With the help of its main character, Moose, it addresses situations surrounding children and divorce in a way no other game has ever dealt with before, with a unique approach that is both entertaining and effective.

The game takes the child on an adventure full of colorful characters and challenging tasks, while dealing with a number of important issues surrounding divorce and separation. Along the quest, the child helps Moose deal with different fantasy-like scenarios which ultimately deal indirectly with issues parallel to those of his own, issues such as anger, guilt, loyalty conflicts, the fantasy to reunite the divorced parents and other emotional effects of divorce on children.

"Earthquake in Zipland" not only offers the child a chance to vicariously deal with separation and divorce through the main character’s eyes, but also opens the way to direct dialogue, making it a valuable tool for both parents and therapists.

What is Earthquake in Zipland?

Important issues surrounding children and divorce A psychological edutainment product which deals with important issues surrounding children and divorce and is presented as an adventure game full of challenges and fun.

Help children of divorce copeA tool designed to help children of divorce cope with their new reality.

Deals with the effects of divorce on childrenA game that incorporates techniques and therapeutic insights from the fields of clinical psychology, family therapy, child therapy and divorce/separation therapy.

A high quality and exciting game created by a talented team of scriptwriters, graphic designers and musical composers.

A tool for kids and divorceA challenging game for children of divorce, ages 7-13.

   The Story and the Game      

The game begins in Zipland, a small paradise island comprised of two parts held together by a zipper, which represents the marriage of the parents (the King and Queen). Suddenly an earthquake rips the island into two, leaving the king and the queen on separate islands.

“Moose”, the “hero”, sets out on a quest to build a new zipper and re-combine the islands so that life can go on as before (which of course he can’t).

The game then takes the players on a “Quest” through 3D scenery filled with dozens of colorful characters, while dealing indirectly with the long term effects of divorce on children.