Thanks to the Oklahoma Family Law blog for this post:

A recent survey by PayPal revealed that money trumps sex and housecleaning as the No. 1 issue about which couples fight. According to this survey, couples routinely lie about their spending. Eighty-two percent of respondents said they hide shopping bags and purchases from their partner. A majority of couples believe their spouse or partner is using money as a means of control in their relationship.

Couples considering marriage would do well to set aside time to discuss their views of money. More than likely, each person has very different views of money based on the likely differences in how their parents dealt with money issues.  Many couples spend a year or more planning their wedding ceremony and reception but less than a few hours — if that — figuring out how to deal with their money differences. Devoting some time to serious discussion regarding outlooks on spending, savings and debt will pay huge dividends in your future relationship.   

Having said that, another truth is that fights over money usually are about much more than just the money.  Usually they’re a symptom of much deeper relational problems such as a failure to compromise, communicate and set common goals.

For more on this topic, read "Love is a Battlefield Over Money" by Michelle Singletary published in the Denver Post.

SOURCE: Oklahoma Family Law blog