Hopefully, this Valentine’s Day will be a happy one for you and your spouse.  Unfortunately, many people across the country will not be so lucky, because their spouse is being unfaithful and violating their marriage vows.

However, there is good news.  Noted private investigator and author, Bill Mitchell, has come up with the following fourteen ways to avoid adultery in your marriage:

  1. Promise your mate you will never join an internet "cheaters" service.
  2. Put any positive thoughts of a "love triangle" in the company shredder
  3. Guard your affection for your spouse or significant other. Don’t give it away carelessly.
  4. In 2006 share cards, chocolates, flowers, hotel suites and gifts with just ONE – your spouse.
  5. Tell yourself you will get caught – no matter how selective a gene pool you left.
  6. Understand that not every parent who cheated on their spouse is a wise or a good example to follow.
  7. Convince yourself that car behind you is a private investigator placing a "tail" on you.
  8. Look for reasons to keep your marriage alive – try a defibrillator if necessary.
  9. Communicate to save your marriage. Be open and honest with your partner about your needs, desires and aspirations.
  10. Be affectionate, accountable, understanding and honest this year ( of course with your spouse). Try signing up for a marriage seminar or retreat. Check with a local church for events in your area.
  11. Read this aloud; "Affairs seem exciting and fulfilling for a moment but destructive to me, my family, friends, employer and future. It’s not worth it and I’m too smart for that troubled way of living!"
  12. Extramarital affairs are just too costly even for the wealthy. Do everyone around you a big favor, including your kids, use just one bed – the one at home – with your spouse.
  13. Value your health. You can’t risk the future over a fling. Cheaters often spread STD’s.
  14. Agree that a little "self-indulgence" will lead to an affair so listen to your conscience before it leads anywhere.

Source:  "Fourteen Sure Fire Actions to avoid an affair this Valentine’s Day" by Bill Mitchell, published at his The More You Know blog.

SOURCE: South Carolina Family Law Blog