MSN Money has an article about a new trend of broken marriages where the spouses decide stay together without a divorce for a variety of reasons, mostly financial.

In Georgia, a couple can be granted a separate maintenance decree. I have often (somewhat disparagingly) called this "Divorce Light" because the parties and the court can do everything that can be done in a divorce action except dissolve the marriage.

I have had on several occasions clients whose spouses had medical issues which would have prevented them from obtaining health insurance. Since they had no plans of remarrying again, they agreed to a separate maintenance action by whihc all property was divided, child custody and visitation were established and child and spousal support (alimony) was determined. Because they were still married, the other spouse was still able to be covered by the employee spouse’s health insurance.

It is not a solution for everyone, but it works well in those sorts of cases.

Source: Unhappily ever after: The ‘nondivorce’ – MSN Money.