The Family Law section of the State Bar of Georgia has announced that a web-based worksheet version of the child support calculator has just been released, and is available at following website.

This is the first release of the web-based electronic worksheet for both judges and lawyers. For the next several weeks there will be enhanced versions released that will provide further ease of operation. There are presently some issues with the printing of the worksheets from the web-based calculator. Also, there are universal problems with the printing of the Excel calculator, such as cutting off columns and printing too small. The guided version used by litigants will be released shortly. Until then, litigants should use the unguided web-based version, or the Excel version. The Excel version, as well as the manual worksheets, are available from the web address above.

Attorneys representing the parties will access the electronic worksheet through "Worksheet" and the attorney’s version is not user ID/password sensitive. Attorneys will be able to submit their version directly to the judge once a civil action number is obtained and it is fully filled out. Attorneys are advised to remember to always print a hard copy before submitting it to a judge, and that submitting electronically this way is not equivalent to the Rule 24 requirement filing with the clerk of court.

The Supreme Court has just approved Uniform Superior Court Rule 24 as amended, which directs lawyers and parties regarding the use of these new guidelines and worksheets.